I am a trained (Academy for Holistic Coaching, Amersfoort NL) and experienced Holistic Life Coach.
Over the years I have guided many coaching clients in feeling more energetic, living more intuitively, experiencing real self-love, breaking through unconscious beliefs and blocks, recovering from burnout, following their heart and living a life filled with joy, love and fulfilment.
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Your SYL Coach:

Anouk Hummel

As a sensitive and intuitive coach, I guide you beyond the obvious, taking you on a journey that will shift the way you relate to yourself, to others and to life.


I am an enthusiastic and heartfelt partner on your Soulfuel Your Life journey, supporting you all the way!


I respect your (life) choices, challenges and boundaries. I fully allow you to take on this journey in a way and pace that suits you and your life. 

I mostly coach people who:

  • struggle to find and/or maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle

  • feel somehow stuck in their life or struggle to find purpose

  • find themselves returning to the same (negative) patterns and situations time and again

  • experience a lack of energy (flow) or suffer from fatigue

  • have felt stressed for quite a while (and are afraid they might be heading towards burnout)

  • are currently in a burnout or are on their way from recovery from burnout

"The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for."

- Fyodor Dostoyevski 
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Photos by Mikko Seppinen

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