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SYL ☆ Essential Blends

Personalized essential oil blends

I compose personalized essential oil blends to optimize your personal vibrational energy.


Essential oils are powerful volatile compounds extracted from plants. All essential oils capture the plant’s pure scent and flavor (its “essence”). These oils have been used since ancient times, because of their natural healing properties and their ability to uplift our energy frequencies.


During a SYL ☆ Essential Blends session (60 minutes) we explore the ideal blend of essential oils to support you on a daily basis, on mental, emotional and spiritual level. I use different “tools” (e.g. reading, scent association, card deck, crystals) to compose your special blend.


SYL ☆ Essential Blends come in a 10 ml. rollerball bottle and are diluted with an all natural carrier oil, for easy aromatic and topical application.


SYL ☆ Essential Blends

"Ride the energy of your own unique spirit."

- Gabrielle Roth
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Photos by Mikko Seppinen

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