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Soulfuel Your Life

Energy Work

With energy work your body can be brought back to its natural state of high vibrational energy and balance.


Energy work can help you to:

  • reach a state of total relaxation

  • reset and revitalize your whole system (body, mind and soul)

  • deal with stress, fatigue, unresolved emotions, anxiety, unwanted habits

  • access your intuition and feel (more) connected to life

  • free the body of toxins, energetic blockages, physical ailments

  • improve the body’s natural ability to heal itself

  • reestablish mental, emotional and spiritual balance

  • experience more energy flow on all levels 

  • gain awareness and insights about what influences your vibrational state

  • receive valuable information about your functioning in daily life

  • to transform energetic information into self-healing modalities

What is energy?

Everything around and inside of us is comprised of universal life energy and all of this energy contains information. Energy comes in both, visible and invisible forms.


We human beings all have our own energy field, with our unique vibrations. Your energy field is constantly interacting with your surroundings and is sensitive to the subtle vibrations of thoughts, feelings and emotions  - of yourself and others.

Energetic imbalances

These streams of mental and emotional activity can cause imbalances in your energy frequency (vibration). A lower vibrational frequency (such as illness, negativity) does not have a place in a life full of joy, love and fulfilment (high vibrational frequency).


Reiki Healing, Chakra Reading and SYL ☆ Essential Blends can help restore the balance in your energy frequency.

A natural energy healing method that aims at harmonizing all aspects of ourselves, on physical, mental and spiritual level.

energy healing method

Reiki Healing


A Chakra Reading increases your awareness of your energy system and the functioning of the chakras.

energy body awareness

Chakra Reading

I compose personalized essential oil blends to optimize your personal vibrational energy.

personalized essential oil blends

SYL ☆ Essential Blends

“The basic substance of the person is energy. The movement of energy is life. The freer the energy movement ... the  more intense the life.”

– John Pierrakos

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Photos by Mikko Seppinen

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