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Chakra Reading

Energy awareness

A Chakra Reading increases your awareness of your energy system and the functioning of the chakras. This provides you with insights about your functioning in daily life. Blocked emotions can surface and old thought and behaviour patterns become clear. A reading can also reveal information about your personal qualities, motives, purpose, your development and growth.


The chakras are energy centers in your body, that keep your system running. They are often referred to as ‘wheels of energy’. Each of the chakras is connected to a specific theme and acts in a different way within our bodies.


During a Chakra Reading I connect to your energy system to read and interpret the information present in your energy system. I use the seven main chakras as reference points.


The information I receive can come to me in many different forms; sometimes it is expressed as sounds or smells, more often as colors, visuals (still images or scenes), bodily sensations or feelings/emotions. I directly give back the the information I receive to you by speech. After the reading we will have some time to reflect on this together.


A reading usually does not provide “ready to go” answers to questions you have, but can be great input for further exploration and work on balancing your energy system. Soulfuel Your Life Coaching, Yoga (as) Therapy and/or Reiki Healing can be very insightful and beneficial in this process.


Chakra Reading

"The amount of spirit a person has is determined by how alive and vibrant he is, literally by how much energy he has."

- Alexander Lowen
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