Soulfuel Your Life ☆ by Anouk

Soulfuel Your Life is the embodiment of my personal soulfuel mission. It is the result of a long and meaningful journey.

A journey that commenced when I started to recover from a massive burnout. At that point I knew something needed to change. But what exactly? And how? I had no idea! So I went back to what I was doing for all of my working life. What was different, was that since my burnout there was always this nagging feeling in the background that there should be more to life than I was getting out of it.


I embarked on the path of yoga and meditation, and this meant I started to connect to myself and to life in a way I wasn’t aware was possible. I started living more intuitively, from the heart in stead of from the head, and from a place of love in stead of fear. And this changed, I would say… everything!


Soulfuel Your Life is about allowing yourself to live according to the natural rhythm, longings and wisdom of the soul. I strongly believe that when your life is in alignment with your soul, all sorts of powerful energies will be released and you'll be able to live your life in a beautiful flow. 


Learning how to live my life in flow, has been an amazing journey of falling and rising, of laughter and tears, of painful yet meaningful events, of success and learning. And it eventually led me to receiving and embracing my calling to guide and inspire others in their journey to create the life they are meant to live.


I offer Soulfuel Your Life guidance, inspiration and tools in a way that is accessible and applicable in daily life for all of us. Keeping it real. Holding space for you. For you to discover, to explore and to eventually break through everything that’s holding you back. For you to connect to your innate power. For you to shine your light!


I’m here!

With love, 


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Certifications worth mentioning

Holistic Life Coach

Academy for Holistic Coaching

Amersfoort, NL

Svastha Yoga Therapy Training

Svastha Yoga & Aryurveda


Chakra Psychology & Intuitive Reading

School of Life

Amsterdam, NL

Yin Yoga & Chakras Studies (200 hrs)


Amsterdam, NL

Reiki Usui 

level I & II

Jose Antonia Manchado

Mundo Armonia, SP

Yin Yoga Anatomy Immersion (100 hrs)

Delight Yoga

Amsterdam, NL

About me - long story short


I am your soulfuel guide in creating the life you are meant to live. I share with you all that I have learned about living life in joy, love and fulfillment. 


Since 2015 I have run my own independent practice in Holistic Life Coaching, Yoga Therapy and Energy Work. I used to live and work in Amsterdam, NL.


Triggered by a severe burnout, I finally said my career in the field of commercial market & consumer research goodbye, after nearly 15 years (2014).


Love is the reason I moved to Finland in November 2017. I fell in love with Marko (a Finn) who I nowadays happily and  proudly call my husband.


My burnout was a blessing in disguise. After a long and rocky road of healing and recovering, I am now able to live my life in alignment with my soul.


I am an avid coffee drinker and vegetarian food lover. I like to spend my free time on yoga & meditation, books (lots of them), podcasts and nature hikes.

"We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life."

-Carl Jung

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